How It Works?

The Liberty Nailbar has reinvented the way you paint false nails before applying them. No more using cocktail stick, cotton buds, or lolly sticks with sticky tape doubled back on itself. No more damaging drying nails when your stick rolls over or the nail coming adrift while painting.

For those who are still struggling with painting your own nails and want to move to false nails, the Liberty Nailbar will change your life. Being able to paint all ten nails at the same time, safely and securely, will make it easier to create beautiful nails time after time.

And for those who was to make the switch from using a nail salon to making your own false nails, the Liberty Nailbar will answer all the questions and doubts you have. Can I paint them as perfectly as the nail technician? Can I put all the patterns on I have had in the past? What about the colours? The Liberty Nailbar will quickly release your own inner nail technician and you will be able to make salon-perfect nails in no time.

So, how do I use the Liberty Nailbar

There are four simple steps:

1. Select the tight size for each nail and attach them to the 10 white fingers with the tack provided.

How use the Liberty Nailbar

Tip: Pre-sort your nails and store them in the pots so they are ready to put on the fingers immediately.

2. Paint your nails with your chosen nail polish and wait until they are dry according to the label.

How use the Liberty Nailbar

Tip: Some nail polishes take longer than others, and some need a UV pen to cure them. In any case you can be sure your nails will be perfectly safe while they dry.

3. If you are preparing for the weekend or a night out, store your painted nails away in one of the 6 handy storage pots.

How use the Liberty Nailbar

Tip: If you have pre-sorted your nails into the storage pots, why not use the empty pack the blank nails came in to store them?

4. Ready to look glamourous now? Simply put the nails on and get moving!

How use the Liberty Nailbar

Tip: Before you fit the nail, use an emery board to smooth your own nail and wipe down with a small amount of nail varnish remover. It makes sure there is a good surface for the glue to adhere to and keep your nails on for days.

Take a look at our famous Home Acrylic Nail Kit now. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch by emailing us at or call us on 01202 287499, and a member of our team will be happy to help!