Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the fingers?

All parts can be cleaned using ordinary nail varnish, diluted with tap water. Use a cotton wool pad to gently wipe away any nail varnish, and wipe over with a damp cloth.

Do I have to use unpainted nails?
Not at all. Pre-painted nails work just as well and allow you to put additional decoration and complimentary colours to your own design.

How many times can I use the included tack?
We have found the tack lasts for a long time and did well over fifty nails. Only replace it when you feel it is no longer holding the nails adequately.

What about stamping kits?
Absolutely! There are lots of kits allowing you to transfer highly detailed designs onto your nails.

I can get stickers and transfers. Can I use them?
We've tried these and they work very well. Give the nail a base colour and leave to dry before applying the sticker. They are a great way of getting professional-looking design at a fraction of the price of a nail salon.

Does the Liberty Nailbar allow me to add gems and other embellishments?
Of course. The way each nail is held securely allows you to add all manner of embellishments to your nails, and better still, you can do each one perfectly.

Can I use UV curable gel varnishes?
There is no reason why not. We do not have a UV lamp at the moment, you can use a UV curing pen, shining on each nail individually. 

How long do I need to wait for the varnish to dry?
This depends on the nail varnish. Some cure in under a minute, and some a little longer. As you can leave the nails on the Liberty Nailbar, you can wait as long as you need to.

Can I store blank nails in the pots?
You can use the Liberty Nailbar in whichever way you like. One of the purposes for the pots is to store blank nails. Sort your blanks by the sizes of your fingers. You have five fingers on each hand and six pots. The extra pot is for a nail which is a different size.

Can I paint the underside of the nail?
The fingers are designed to allow this. We recommend you attach the nail to the finger, then insert the finger into the base upside-down. Paint the underside of the nail and allow to dry. Turn the finger over and paint as normal. This would create a unique look. You can even add embellishments too!