How the Liberty Nail will change the way you paint false nails

See how it works

Read on to discover how to use the Liberty Nailbar, and find out how easy it is to create beautiful false nails time after time.

Here's the basics

Strong, secure, safe

Here's the basics

Strong, secure, safe

Six storage pots for blank nails, sorted into the right sizes ready for painting immediately. Or use them to store newly decorated nails, ready for when you need them.

Ten fingers, one for each nail. The Liberty Nailbar is the only product in the world to have this feature. And there's more. Find out below for a twist.

Soft rubber feet which stop the Liberty Nailbar from moving about while you use nail varnishes, stamps, transfers, add gems or any decoration.

You get everything to start making beautiful false nails, including the tack to stick the blank nails to the fingers.

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Follow these simple steps

We've designed the Liberty Nailbar to not only be safe and secure, but easy to use. The steps below will enable you to create beautiful false nails time after time.

From a pack of blank nails, select ones which fit each nail. They should fit snugly across the nail, and up to the cuticle.

Take a small amount of the supplied tack, and wrap it around the end of each Nailbar finger. This gives you a solid base for each false nail.

Fasten a false nail to each nailbar finger and the nailbar is prepared.

Pro tip: If you put each nail at a slight angle, puts the nail at a perfect pitch for painting not only the surface but the edges too.

Step two


Step two


Now, paint each nail. Use whatever technique you feel most comfortable with to get the best results.

With all nails presented securly, you will quickly discover how easy painting nails is with the Liberty Nailbar. No more needing to hold them with one hand and paint them with another. The other way is to fit them and paint them, and all the problems that comes with it.

Pro tip: Dip the brush back into the varnish bottle between each nail to ensure plenty of varnish for each stroke.

Step 3

Leave to dry

Step 3

Leave to dry

Here's where the Liberty Nailbar shows it's usefulness. With the nails safe and secure, you can now go and do something else while the varnish dries. Get ready for that big night out knowing your nails will be ready when you need them

Pro tip: Different varnishes need different drying times. Because you are assured the nails are not going anywhere, you can leave them for longer than the varnish brand says.

Using either glue or double-sided adhesive pads, fit each nail, knowing each nail has a perfect finish.

Pro tip: Use a soft nail file to smooth over your real nail and use a cotton wool pad with a couple of drops of nail varnish remover to shift any dust or contaminants. Also gently push the cuticle back and press the nail into the cuticle to give a natural look.

Bonus tip

Storing the finished nails

Bonus tip

Storing the finished nails

The storage pots built into the Liberty Nailbar is a unique feature you can use in a couple of ways. Either:

  • Store finished nails in each pot. If you are away for a long weekend, make up to six sets of nails of different colours and designs. Actually, make two sets of each design/colour to be sure you have enough spares for accidents.
  • Select up to ten blank nails of the same size for each finger and store them ready for painting. The first pot could be all little finger nails, the second for ring finger nails, and so on.

Pro tip: Use the Liberty Nailbar how you want and you will quickly discover how it will transform the way you use false nails.

Still need more information?

Here's some helpful stuff

How do I clean the fingers?

All parts can be cleaned using ordinary nail varnish, diluted with tap water. Use a cotton wool pad to gently wipe away any nail varnish, and wipe over with a damp cloth.

Do I have to use unpainted nails?

Not at all. Pre-painted nails work just as well and allow you to put additional decoration and complimentary colours to your own design.

How many times can I use the included tack?

We have found the tack lasts for a long time and did well over twenty nails per finger. Only replace it when you feel it is no longer holding the nails adequately.

You get enough tack in the kit to change it about twenty times.

What about stamping kits?

Absolutely! There are lots of kits allowing you to transfer highly detailed designs onto your nails.

I can get stickers and transfers. Can I use them?

We've tried these and they work very well. Give the nail a base colour and leave to dry before applying the sticker. They are a great way of getting professional-looking design at a fraction of the price of a nail salon.

Does the Liberty Nailbar allow me to add gems and other embellishments?

Of course. The way each nail is held securely allows you to add all manner of embellishments to your nails, and better still, you can do each one perfectly.

Can I use UV curable gel varnishes?

There is no reason why not. We do not have a UV lamp at the moment, but you can use a UV curing pen, shining on each nail individually, and there are curing lamps that can span five fingers.

Either way, the Liberty Nailbar is made of UV-stabilised acrylic so you can rest assured using a UV lamp will not damage the Liberty Nailbar.

Note: Always take care when using any UV device. Don't look directly into the light and use tinted glasses designed to prevent UV light. The good news is you're only exposing the Nailbar to the UV light and not your skin!

How long do I need to wait for the varnish to dry?

This depends on the nail varnish. Some cure in under a minute, and some a little longer. As you can leave the nails on the Liberty Nailbar, you can wait as long as you need to.

Can I store blank nails in the pots?

You can use the Liberty Nailbar in whichever way you like. One of the purposes for the pots is to store blank nails. Sort your blanks by the sizes of your fingers. You have five fingers on each hand and six pots. The extra pot is for a nail which is a different size.

Can I paint the underside of the nail?

The fingers are designed to allow this. We recommend you attach the nail to the finger, then insert the finger into the base upside-down. Paint the underside of the nail and allow to dry. Turn the finger over and paint as normal. This would create a unique look. You can even add embellishments too!

Still need help?

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