About Us

Liberty Nailbar - The only false nail accessory you will ever need

Hello, and welcome to Liberty Nailbar. My name is Eden Yorke, and with your permission, I'd like to take you on the journey that has led us both to this exact spot.

The Beginning

Like all ladies, my wife wanted to look glamourous during a holiday on the other side of the world. Carefully, she chose outfits for all occasions, from day trips, to elegant 'posh nights', she had the prefect look. When it came to her nails, however, we had a problem: nail varnishes. No matter how we looked at it, we needed to bring along dozens of different colours, finishes, and shades, each one ticking off tiny amounts of our luggage allowance, until (even with generous pruning) we ended up losing three kilos! 

For the entire holiday, she painted her nails, smudged them, got varnish all over the place, and could never get the edge of the nails right, especially when painting with her non-dominant hand. Sitting, wafting her hands for half-an-hour, then smudging a nail because she thought they were dry when they weren’t, and the whole process started over again. There was also the problem of keeping her nails nice and trim, which is nigh-on impossible.

Another Idea

After the holiday, we investigated pre-coloured nails. But we found we could never find the right size, colour, shade, finish, and shape to match the outfits. So, a compromise was needed on one of the factors, resulting in a less than suitable match. Not only were we having to compromise, but the cost was also going through the roof!

A Better Idea

It was in 2017 when we looked at using blank nails, fitting them to her fingernails, then painting them. This sorted the size and shape and removed the need to keep her nails trim. However, we were now back to square one with getting varnish on everything, wafting her hands, smudging them, difficulty painting with her non-dominant hand, and so on. It still didn't address the weight of so many nail varnishes we need to lug around with us.

 An Idea is Forming

Rather than having to fit the nails and paint them, we wanted something that could hold the nails safely for painting and drying. If there were such a product we could make up several sets of the same nails, one set to wear, and others for spares. For weeks I scoured the Internet for something that could hold all ten nails securely for painting and drying. There were a couple of unsuitable ideas, but nothing that solved our problem.

The Liberty Nailbar is Born

A few videos on YouTube showed different ways of holding nails and painting them. This is when the first Liberty Nailbar came into existence. The crude prototype revolutionised painting and decorating false nails. All ten nails were presented securely ready for painting, and each nail could have the same finish, making it a repeatable process. Once painted, the nails are left to dry naturally without all the hand-wafting going on. It solved all the problems of getting the right size, colour, shade, finish, and shape, plus it freed up valuable time. Having something to hold the nails safely while they dried meant my wife could get on with something else: makeup, dressing, and so on. Better still, she was able to make a couple of sets of each colour for each outfit: one to wear; a set for spare. This not only revolutionised preparing the nails perfectly every time, it now meant all the nails could be made up beforehand. Small bags for each colour could be kept with each outfit.

And no more lugging round weighty collections of nail varnishes!

Your Passion is Our Passion

From the very beginning, I saw the intense pleasure brought about by the perfect match between outfit and nails, with those finishing touches making all the difference. I am very passionate about bringing colour to the world. I get very frustrated when I see bright sunny skies, and the streets full of people wearing black. Let’s bring some colour to the world and brighten even the brightest day.