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Best Quality

When you buy nail varnishes from us, you can be sure you will have a product which will give you the finest finish, either on your own nails or on false ones.

Mix and Match

There are no issues having different colours from any brand we sell. Using one or another on top works well, as long as you give the base layer time to dry.


Before you apply the nail polish to your own nails, here's a little tip. Use a soft nail file (such as our Lottie ones) to smooth the surface. Don't rub too hard and put a hole in your nail! When you've got a smooth surface use a drop of nail varnish remover on a cotton wool ball and gently wipe the nail. Let it dry naturally and you'll have the perfect surface for your varnish.

Using Our Varnishes on False Nails

False nails will have a naturally smooth surface, but sometimes they will have a small tag on the tip. This is where it's attached to the support when they are made. The false nails we sell do have these nibs occasionally. Using a soft nail file gently rub this nib away before applying the varnish.


Mostly, these varnishes will only need a single coat, but to get that beautifully smooth and solid finish, let the first coat dry for about thirty minutes, then apply a second coat.