The Liberty Nailbar Pro - Your gateway to perfect press on nails

Introducing the Liberty Nailbar Pro

No more painting press on nail pain

  • For beginners & professionals alike
  • Use any shape, colour, or finish
  • Add stickers, transfers, or gems
  • Use stamps or freehand
Acrylic nail kit

Prefect press on nails everytime

The Liberty Nailbar Pro

This is where you release your inner nail technician

The use anywhere nail bar

Beautiful press ons anywhere

Not just for the dressing table

Any colour, any pattern

All in the box

Everything you need
to get started

We understand your pain

  • You love having beautiful nails, and to achieve this you use press on nails. But there's a catch - you're stuck with the limited shapes, colours and finishes.
  • You've tried blank press ons, but found painting them is a tedious and messy affair. Using cocktail sticks and sticky tape cannot give you the perfect results you want.
  • Then you want to add unique designs with stickers, transfers, stamps, or free-hand patterns, and this is where the Liberty Nailbar Pro is exactly what you need.
  • Having all ten nails presented on a safe and stable base, you are then free to create using either blank nails, or jazz up pre-painted nails with gemstones. Create multiple sets to ensure you have spares in case of accidents. The Liberty Nailbar Pro will really change the way you wear the press ons you deserve.

The Liberty Nailbar Nails the Finishing Touch

See how the Liberty Nailbar Pro works

In just two minutes you'll see how easy it is to decorate press on nails

About the Liberty Nailbar

We're passionate about press-on nails, too

We're just like you, love the unique look decorating press-on nails gives, but hate all the mess and fuss.

Everything you need in one place

With six pots for storing blank or completed nails, and ten fingers for all nails presented for decorating, the Liberty Nailbar Pro has everything you need to be creative.

Made in UK

Using high-quality materials, locally sourced, the Liberty Nailbar Pro is totally designed, made, and put together in the UK to vastly reduce our environmental impact.

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Fully recyclable

Every part of the Liberty Nailbar Pro is fully recyclable. Although we hope this is not for many years...

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