Introducing the Liberty Nailbar Pro - for beginners, for professionals, for everyone

Get the worlds best way of painting and decorating your press-on nails.

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The best way of painting and decorating press-on nails

Fed up of trying to use cocktail sticks and sticky tape? Have all ten nails held securely and safely using our unique fingers.

Organise your blank nails into sizes, ready paint and wear straight away.

Anyone can use the Liberty Nailbar. Complete novice, seasoned user, or professional. The Liberty Nailbar is for EVERYONE.

Designed by passionate press-on nail users like you, not some anonymous corporate entity!

What will it give you?

Perfect finish every time

Never worry if the nail will move about, enabling you to concentrate on getting that perfect finish.

Loads of storage

Our unique product comes with six integrated storage pots with a secure lid, ready for blank or finished nails.

Creativity without boundaries

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Environmental Responsibility

Made in UK

The Liberty Nailbar, all parts, and even the packaging are UK products, reducing our carbon footprint.

Built to last

High-quality materials ensure easy-clean, and many years of use.

Fully recyclable

Every part of the Liberty Nailbar is recyclable. Although we don't expect you to do so for many years!

Use anywhere, anytime.

The Liberty Nailbar

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Product name
$12.18 USD
From $8.66 USD
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